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Pride Microfinance Jobs – 20 No Experience Credit Officers

•  Diploma  or  Bachelor’s  Degree  in  Commerce,  Economics,  Microfinance,  Development  Economics,  and  Development  Studies,  Business  Studies,  Accounting  and  Finance,  Marketing,  International  Business,    Financial  Services,  Business  Computing,  Business  Statistics,  Entrepreneurship  &  Small  Business  Management,  Social  Sciences,  SWASA,  Education,  Procurement  &  Chain  Supply  Management,  Procurement  &  Logistics  Management,  Human  Resource  Management, Industrial  &  Organization  Psychology,  Project  Planning  and  Management,  Entrepreneurship  and  Project  Planning,  Public  Administration  and  Management,  Sales  and  Marketing  Management,  B.  Agriculture  &  Rural  Innovations,  Agricultural  Engineering,  Agricultural  Extension,  Engineering,  or  in  any  other  relevant  /  related  field.
•  2  Principal  passes  at  A’Level  +
•  Credits  &/  passes  in  Maths  and  English  at  O’level

•  The candidate must be able and willing to ride a  motorcycle, should possess a valid riding permit and/or process one within a period not exceeding three months of probation.
•  Should be willing to work in any part of the country.
•  Should be ready to challenge themselves to continuously deliver exceptional performance.
•  Should be computer literate, highly motivated, innovative and a  self-starter.
•  Should have excellent presentation, interpersonal and communication skills.
•  Should possess leadership skills.
•  Should be honest, trustworthy and have a high degree of integrity.
•  Should be fluent in commonly used local languages.
•  Should not be more than  35 years of age.

Ideals candidates for the jobs above should have the following competencies;
•  Emotional  intelligence,  Oral  Communication
•  Written communication, Report writing.
•  Interpersonal  skills,  Business  acumen
•  Customer  awareness,  Cross-selling
•  Computer  knowledge

•  Confidentiality,  Self-drive,
•  Self-confidence,  Integrity,  pro-activeness,
•  Compliance  to  policies,  Discipline,
•  Diligence and Efficiency.

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