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Lifelink Hospital Uganda Jobs 2021 – Finance Manager 

Job Title: Finance Manager – Lifelink Hospital Uganda Jobs 2021

Organization: Lifelink Hospital Uganda

Duty Station: Kampala



Lifelink Hospital Uganda Profile

LifeLink Medical Group  is a private medical establishment, initially founded as Lifelink Medical Centre in  2008  with  a  goal  of   bringing  superior but  affordable medical services, closer to the people. Currently running a  hospital in  Namugongo,  and  an  urban  clinic  in  Ntinda, LifeLink offers both   general  and  specialist  health  services  in  a  sparkly,  friendly  and  well-­‐supervised  environment. We  collaborate  with  Insurance  providers,  companies,  Ministry  of  Health,  and  NGOs among others,  to  deliver  competitive healthcare  and  medical  services  to  the  Ugandan  population.  Since  2008,  we’ve  handled  a  wide  range  of  cases,  cutting  across  the  various  healthcare   disciplines.  We  have  learned  to  adapt; constantly  upgrading  the  team,  machinery  and  facilities,  whenever  necessary.



Job Profile

As a Finance Manager, your overall purpose is to oversee effective operations of the finance and accounting department, ensuring accurate and reliable data capture, the appropriate use of finance and accounting principles and standards, safe storage of all accounting and finance records, be in charge of finances and tax planning and compliance to regulatory policies and standards.



Roles and Responsibilities:

Systems & Processes

  • Ensure a system of responsible accounting including budgeting and internal controls
  • Manage and maintain an accurate and stable, secure HIMS
  • Through regular review of accounting information, ensure delivery of accurate and reliable information from other departments
  • Routinely review the current systems and processes to verify relevance and advise the SMT and directors of any new improvements that can be made.

Quality Assurance

  • Ensure existence of a functional finance manual and compliance of all staff to the procedures in the manual.
  • Ensure adherence to standard accounting principles and regulatory policies.
  • Encourage high level professionalism for all accounting and finance staff based on the LifeLink code of conduct and the individual ethical codes.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of routine work processes and procedures of the finance and related departments
  • Documentation of significant incidents arising out of gaps in quality of financial reporting, systems and processes.
  • Ensures that all balance sheet accounts are reconciled on a monthly basis and a system of internal controls are in place to facilitate a clean audit opinion with no audit adjustments or internal control deficiencies noted.

Information And Records Management

  • Be responsible for the safe storage and handling of all financial information, educating the relevant team members about the relevance of information storage, back up and confidentiality

Productivity, Innovation And Learning

  • Support all other departments to generate monthly productivity/ sales/ statistical reports
  • Performance management – ensuring continuous and annual performance appraisals, having set KPIs for all the staff in the finance and accounting department
  • Participate in the recruitment of the right skilled personnel for the finance and accounts department.
  • Typically supervises the areas of Accounting, Patient Financial Services, Credit and Collection, Purchasing, Health Information Management, Payroll and Cashier. May oversee other departments as required.
  • Identify staff training needs and plan and schedule trainings that are relevant for staff improvement aligned with achievement of company objectives and financial goals.
  • Ensuring that staff are adequately trained to meet their roles and performance goals/ standards
  • Meetings –Planning and ensuring productivity in meetings ensuring that they improve efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Analyse and closely monitor corporate performance and both the financial and non- financial growth of the institution.
  • Ensure that monthly financial statements are generated.
  • Effective & efficient management of stock of both domestic and medical supplies including medicines
  • Be responsible for the management of stock of drugs and related supplies
  • Be involved in pricing of products, services and drugs
  • Create and maintain an effective and reliable cost control system that ensures that costs are kept at the acceptable minimum.
  • Facilitate annual price reviews and ensure the existence of an updated, and well communicated service price list.
  • Maintains effective revenue cycle processes to keep patient accounts receivable at an acceptable level and also increasing the Group’s cash flow.

Strategy, Business Development & Sustainability

  • As part of the group’s strategic planning, works in conjunction with the Senior Management team and directors to establish an annual financial strategic plan for the group
  • Provides proactive and sound guidance on management of assets and investments, and the financial trends within the group
  • Monitors capital asset expenditures and depreciation; prepares annual operating budgets with input and involvement at the departmental level, as well as capital budgets and cash flow projections; arranges lines of credit and maintains proper banking relations.
  • Be involved in managing existing partnership ensuring effective communication on financial matters while maintaining healthy relationships
  • Work with directors and Managers to develop financial goals and objectives for the Group
  • Works with department managers and patient care executives to implement financial plans and productivity benchmarks, and to monitor progress toward financial goals.
  • Identify and explore new business opportunities
  • Maintain good working relationships with stakeholders and regulatory authorities.
  • Actively contribute and participate in the institution’s management approach

Insurance & Claims

  • Be responsible for timely invoicing and submission of insurance and other debtors’ bills and collection of payments
  • Ensure updated debtors’ statements, annual reconciliation between Lifelink and the debtors with documented sign offs
  • Follow up to ensure that there are signed agreements with insurance companies and other business partners with approved price-lists.

Taxation And Compliance

  • Prepare financial and regulatory reports and filing of all tax returns and handling tax matters with the regulatory authorities
  • Advise the directors on current tax policies to ensure compliance
  • Be responsible for the routine tax planning exercise.

Risk Management:

  • Advise and guide the directors on areas that require risk management and control (participate in generating and maintaining an updated risk register
  • Examination of insurance policies to ascertain that assets are properly insured against loss and that the hospital’s liability coverage meets management contract requirements

Communication And Relations

  • Keeps the Directors aware of all key financial developments.
  • Maintains healthy relationships with partners and stakeholders.
  • Facilitate top-down communication with the purpose of implementation of Life Link strategies and bottom-up communication with the purpose of informing strategy.


  • Prepare operational and risk reports for management analysis.
  • Monthly P&L
  • Monthly Debtors’ statements
  • Monthly creditors’ statements
  • Disputes and Bad Debts
  • Monthly Departmental performance reports
  • Quartely Finance Goals
  • Up to date Asset Register
  • Operational Budgets
  • Annual insurance Reconciliation Reports
  • Bi-annual financial and Management reports
  • Annually Updated, approved price lists (Cash and Insurance companies)
  • Stock Management (Departmental Stock Movement and accountability Reports)
  • Internal Controls and SOPs Manual
  • Quarterly Staff Performance appraisal reports and Annual performance Management reports.
  • QA Audit reports
  • Finance Manual- Updated
  • Incident reports (Finance and Accounting and supporting Departments)



Minimum Qualifications for Lifelink Hospital Uganda Jobs 2021

  • The ideal applicant must hold a degree in accounting and Finance
  • A master’s Degree in Business Administration
  • An accounting professional Qualification, having completed all levels (ACCA or CPA)
  • At least five years working experience in a senior Management position, 3 of which should be in an equivalent position.
  • Minimum Age of 35 years
  • Experience in a medical setting offers an added advantage
  • Fairness and assertiveness
  • Creative and proactive
  • Openness and high level of Integrity
  • Decisive
  • High level of professional competency and experience
  • Wide exposure to different accounting programs and processes
  • Able to serve as a point of reference on all finance, accounting and Taxation matters
  • Exceptional at problem solving
  • Ability to formulate, implement and evaluate organisational strategy
  • Good understanding of QA systems, and accounting Standards
  • Ability to develop SOPs for the accounts and Finance Department
  • Able to compile, analyse and report accounting data
  • Able to generate, analyse and audit Management reports
  • Good written and verbal etiquette, public relations, gives and receives feedback.
  • Strategic planning ability
  • Able to build strategic relationships (networks, alliances, etc)
  • Ability to give Business advisory
  • Understanding of sources of risk
  • Ability to evaluate risks
  • Risk control and mitigation



How To Apply for Lifelink Hospital Uganda Jobs 2021

All suitably qualified candidates are encouraged to send  CV and portfolio to [email protected]

Deadline: 14th July 2021



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