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Kituo Cha Katiba Uganda Jobs – A’level Driver

Job Title: Driver – Kituo Cha Katiba Uganda Jobs

Organization: Kituo Cha Katiba Uganda (KcK)

Type of Contract:   Service Contract

Duration:   Full Time (15 Months)

KcK is implementing a project on electoral reforms to be implemented in Uganda. The project seeks to contribute to electoral democracy in Uganda by strengthening electoral justice and integrity through credible and consistent election court judgements and improving electoral reform.

KcK seeks to employ a full-time part-time driver to offer transportation expertise related support to the effective implementation of the project.  Under the overall guidance of the Finance and Administration Manager, the driver shall be responsible for the following among others;

II. Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Carry out official driving duties as instructed by the Finance and Administration officer or the person designated as substitute.
  2. Provide safe, secure and timely driving services to directed office staff or other passengers (including facilitating KcK visitors’ airport pick-ups and drops) and supplies.
  3. In some circumstances, availability to occasionally take weekend and night shifts especially in relation to airport visitor’s pick-ups.
  4. Check weekly vehicle schedule for the office (missions, transport needs), prepares necessary plans / arrangements and reports on changes.
  5. Ensure that the vehicle(s) is checked on a daily basis (Monday to Friday) concerning fuel, water, oil and other fluids, tyre pressure and any damage/ repair requirements
  6. Ensure that all car equipment and accessories are in good order.
  7. Suggest and report on appropriate services or repairs to Administration for action.
  8. Generally, keep the vehicle in clean condition, both inside and outside.
  9. Must be in possession of a driving license when on driving duties.
  10. Report any accident or driving incident, even minor, to the Finance and Administration Officer as quickly as possible and complete necessary reports.
  11. Advice and support Service vehicle maintenance management-including among other things drawing up and keeping track of a periodic maintenance schedule for the vehicle.
  12. Arrange for and oversee the undertaking of minor vehicle repairs that require immediate attention-in consultation with the Finance and Administration Manager where feasible and practicable;
  13. Oversee and track timely car insurance renewals with the relevant KcK insurance company.
  14. Undertake and maintain monthly updates of car mileage and log book of the respective vehicle service and other relevant forms and submit them to the Finance and Administration Manger as required.
  15. Assist the KcK Office with clerical/administrative duties as required; however driving duties or tasks take priority.
  16. Carry out any delivery or collection duties as may be necessary (letters, cheques, visas, minor procurements, etc…).
  17. In designated situations, act as a backup for or compliment the Office Assistant with off the Station meetings’ arrangements/events undertaken by KcK; and undertaking cash expenditure office supplies;
  18. Ensure that fulfilment of his/her tasks is carried out with full care preserving the confidentiality of all matters related to KcK’s operations.
  19. And any other task directed by the Head of Finance and Administration or his/her substitutes.
  1. Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability in a diversity characterized working environment;
  2. Ample knowledge of/about locations of  Civil Society Organisations and Government entities Premises within and surrounding Kampala city;
  3. Security conscious, with ability to make on-spot decisions and possessing defensive driving skills;
  4. Ability to remain calm in stressful driving situations (for example during Kampala’s at rush hour in the mornings and evenings)
  5. Demonstrates strong oral communication skills in English with a polite and professional disposition.
  6. Ability to be ‘city smart-yet-remain-within the confines of the law-to adjust the planned routes to avoid heavy traffic or road constructions, as the situation may demand.
  7. Excellent time management skills.

Minimum Qualification:

  1. Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education
  2. Any post UACE qualification at Certificate or Diploma level shall be an added advantage;
  3. At least 3 years of experience in an NGO or Government entity preferably operating within Kampala and its environs;
  4. Must be in possession of a valid driving license, with no previous road/traffic law violations.

How To Apply:

Please include the following in your application

  1. A resume summarizing qualifications and experience;
  2. An application letter;
  3. 2 work referees with contact details;
  4. Interested candidates, please submit your applications email to [email protected]
  5. Due to time constraints, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. KCK is committed to achieving workforce diversity. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.
  6. In the face of the ongoing government guidance on the need for social distancing as a measure to counter the spread of Corona virus, KcK may hold the interviews on teleconferencing should the situation demand.

Deadline: by May, 1st, 2020

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